Pocket PC Installation Creator

Pocket PC Installation Creator 3.0

Developer Aperitto Software Development

Pocket PC Installation Creator is a tool for easy and rapid development.

ZebraNet Utilities

ZebraNet Utilities 7.0

Developer Zebra Technologies Corporation

ZebraNet notifies you of important events on your ZebraNet print server.


CheckMail 5.1

Developer DeskSoft

CheckMail is a powerful POP3 email checking program.

Alert Bookmarks

Alert Bookmarks 10.1

Developer Viable Software Alternatives

Alert Bookmarks keeps track of your favorite Web sites, and automatically validates them as you work...


Windows Event Email Alert

Outlook Express Mail Alert

Outlook Express Mail Alert 1.0

Developer Accurate Solutions

Outlook Express Mail Alert(OEMA) is an email notification program.

27 Tools-in-1 Wichio Browser

27 Tools-in-1 Wichio Browser 5.1

Developer Revopoint Co., Ltd.

Multi-page browser with built-in 27 utilities: Email Alert, Web Update Alert...

FOX Carolina Desktop Alert

FOX Carolina Desktop Alert 2.0

Developer BIA Information Network

The FOX Carolina Desktop Alert is designed for Windows 95/98, NT4, 2000, XP.

sailormoon email alert

sailormoon email alert 1.0

Developer eXact Advertising LLC


EvenTrigger 2.2

Developer IS Decisions

EvenTrigger, an event log filter and alert/process trigger.

River Past Windows Mobile Presenter

River Past Windows Mobile Presenter 1.8

Developer River Past Corporation

Show Windows Mobile SmartPhone or Pocket PC screen on PC and capture frame image.

Email Alert

Email Alert 1.1

Developer Burrotech Ltd

Blaser Emergency Alert Messaging System (BEAMS)

Blaser Emergency Alert Messaging System (BEAMS) 2.8

Developer Beau Blaser Software

This is the premiere alert system for Windows computers in a network environment.


Spiffy 0.6

Developer Kevin

Spiffy is an advanced Gmail notifier program for Windows.


dBSTAT 5.0

Developer dBSTAT, Inc.

dBSTAT for Windows is a complete system of integrated software programs.


Windows Event Email Alert

ireland.com email alert

ireland.com email alert 1.0

Developer eXact Advertising LLC

HickoryTech email alert

HickoryTech email alert 1.0

Developer HickoryTech

ireland email alert

ireland email alert 1.0

Developer eXact Advertising LLC

ICS Email Alert Manager

ICS Email Alert Manager 1.1

Developer PIN IT


MailMover 1.0

Developer Rutsch Office Solutions

MailMover automatically searches for the correct mailbox.

ComTekk SafAlert

ComTekk SafAlert 3.1

Developer ComTekk Engineering, LLC.

SafAlertâ„¢ Notifier is an automated email or SMS-MMS alert notification system.

Email Stationery for Alert Communications (Outlook 2010)

Email Stationery for Alert Communications (Outlook 2010) 1.0

Developer Alert Communications

Event Log Watchdog

Event Log Watchdog 3.0

Developer Keroon Software

Now completely re-written in .NET for increased compatibility and stability!

Disk Health Monitor

Disk Health Monitor 1.0

Developer Foolish IT

Scans for disk/controller errors of many types, and alerts you.

My email alert

My email alert 4.9


SaaS Email Alert

SaaS Email Alert 1.0

Developer AVI Infosys LLC