Windows Switch Window

Actual Window Minimizer
Minimize any window to the system tray.
Actual Tools
Window Ninja
Window Ninja
Image Window

Windows Switch Window

Window Master
Window Master allows window shading, transparency, on top.
FreeShade's basic reason for existence is to provide window shading for Windows.
Screen capture utility designed for getting large number of capures with ease.
Goran Boban
Window PointPlus
Window PointPlus
Karen's Window Watcher
Window Watcher detects all visible and hidden windows.
Karen Kenworthy
Alchemy Spam Filter for Outlook Express
Anti Spam plugin for Outlook Express with with Bayes filtering and rules.
Alchemy Lab
Switch the active Internet Explorer window to design mode.
NirSoft Freeware
Visual Studio Booster
Add tabbed windows management to Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 IDE. Switch between opened document window......
LoX Software
Desktop Window
Desktop Window

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Windows Switch Window

Easy Hide Window
Hide Window on Taskbar with Easy Hide Window and shutdown computer or hibernate computer when windo......
PC Magazine WinSizeMe
WinSizeMe is a utility that enables you to set the position and size of windows.
PC Magazine
Windows Snapshot Grabber
Capture Window and Set as Topmost/Enabled/Visible/Resize and Get a Window Snap.
Batchwork Software
Icetips Window Fixer
Icetips Window Fixer makes sure that the window's X and Y positions are correct.
Icetips Alta LLC
SMT Window Tracker
Lets you see window information including the window handle.
Shadow Mountain Tech
Window Switch
Is a tool which allows you to display running applications on other computers.
Nagafix Ltd
Switch-Edit for Light-Switch and Sign-Edit for Sign-Control
Artistic Licence (UK) Ltd
Johns Background Switcher
Switch Window background images at specified intervals from selected sources.