Super Utilities Pro

Super Utilities Pro 9.4


Your Windows system will run faster, will crash less often, and more secure.

Faber Toys

Faber Toys 2.6

Developer FaberBox

Process, AutoRun, Windows, Aliases Manager, PE Analyzer.


Zelscope 1.0

Developer K.Zeldovich, N.Shusharina

Zelscope is a spectrum analyzer that provides real-time waveforms.

COM Port Toolkit

COM Port Toolkit 4.0

Developer Michael Golikov

COM Port Toolkit is a protocol, data and timing analyzer.


Windows System Process Analyzer

SQLite Analyzer

SQLite Analyzer 3.0

Developer KRASLabs

Process SQLite databases visually with SQLite Analyzer! Free trial!

Process And Port Analyzer

Process And Port Analyzer 2.0

Developer Jamshaid Faisal

Process And Port Analyzer is a packet viewer and sniffer.

Speech Analyzer

Speech Analyzer 3.0

Developer SIL International

Full-featured acoustic analyzer that shows graphs of speech and music sounds.

Network Digger

Network Digger 2.6

Developer Speedapps Software Inc

Network Digger is a Windows based Packet sniffer and network analyzer.

DSN Query Analyzer

DSN Query Analyzer 1.5


DSN Query Analyzer Tool for Databases connected to a User or System DSN.

Windows System State Analyzer

Windows System State Analyzer 1.3

Developer Microsoft

File System Auditor

File System Auditor 2.5

Developer ScriptLogic

File System Auditor provides a wide range of auditing and reporting features.

Windows® System State Analyzer

Windows® System State Analyzer 1.0

Developer Microsoft

Klippel Analyzer System

Klippel Analyzer System 2.1

Developer Klippel GmbH

Mindego Analyzer

Mindego Analyzer 2.2

Developer Mindego Inc.

Mindego Analyzer is a MPEG-4 and H.264 Bitstream Analyzer.


Windows System Process Analyzer

Svchost Process Analyzer

Svchost Process Analyzer 1.1

Developer A. & M. Neuber Software

quick and easy freeware that checks your Svchost.exe security.

Windows Search index analyzer

Windows Search index analyzer 1.2

Developer GreenSpot Technologies Ltd

Windows Search Index Analyzer is a forensic software program.

Module Analyzer

Module Analyzer 1.0

Developer Nektra LLC.

Module Analyzer tracks down dll and COM errors and fixes them.

Aspen Process Statistical Analyzer

Aspen Process Statistical Analyzer 10.0

Developer AspenTech

GraphVu Disk Space Analyzer (32-bit)

GraphVu Disk Space Analyzer (32-bit) 1.2

Developer GraphVu

Explore your file system with the new GraphVu Disk Space Analyzer.

Free Process Traffic Monitor

Free Process Traffic Monitor 1.0

Developer ManageEngine

This tool is both a network bandwidth usage monitor and a process analyzer.

SALT New Zealand Student

SALT New Zealand Student 2012.4

Developer SALT Software, LLC

It manages the process of transcribing and analyzing language samples.

UAC Trust Shortcut Process Analyzer

UAC Trust Shortcut Process Analyzer 1.0


Pure Analyzer System

Pure Analyzer System 1.0

Developer Flux:: sound and picture development

Pure Analyzer System is a network-driven modular RTA-system.

Windows Repair Toolbox

Windows Repair Toolbox 1.2

Developer Alexandre Miguel Canotilho Coelho

A software tool that helps you in the process of repairing a Windows system.

UAC Process Analyzer

UAC Process Analyzer 1.0


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